Penny Price - Jeweller

I call myself a Jeweller, but my work cannot be described as conventional Jewellery. It does not necessarily consist of precious metals and stones.

Form and structure are what obsess me. The pieces I create are inspired by my surroundings and experiences, in other words, anything and everything! The real challenge is to translate my ideas into wearable works.

Surface colours and decoration are incidental and only serve to emphasise or highlight a structure. My objective is that each form is decorative and complete in its own right without further need for embellishment. I certainly belong to the 'Less is More' school of thought! I blame my father, an architect, for that.

Over the years I have experimented with various metals and techniques. I have frequently worked in gold and diamonds to commission. In my perfect world, I would always use gold, it is wonderful to work. I am particularly fond of wax carving and casting. Complicated carvings are sent to the Midlands to be cast but simpler ones are cast by me in my workshop. It is a very hit and miss affair, with many failures and frustrations but when it works it is magic.

Commissions welcome. Allow six weeks minimum.


Silver Brooches
Also available in gold


Silver Brooch


Oxidised silver wire with gold stripe


Cast silver pumpkin seed necklace


Silver brooch
Also available in gold

Interlocking Rings

9ct Gold
Commission only

'Duo' Bangle of Two Abstract Shapes

4mm round and 4mm square silver wire
Sizes small, medium and large.
Approx 68gms

Silver Pyramid Earings