The Recessionists came about as a result of a realisation that with the ebb and flow of contemporary art trends and the mercurial nature of the market, art itself may be the only constant. True art sustains and feeds us all irrespective of upturns and downturns and the financial value of a piece of art is only one aspect of its true value.

For many artists the challenges of the current economic downturn have often been an everyday reality. Uncertain whether our work will sell, when and for how much, we worry for our livelihood. You could argue that living in the shadow of such uncertainty can in itself act as a foil for creativity. For us creating art in the current climate is a stabilising and truly valuable activity.

Although generally seen in negative terms recession can also create positive challenges bringing new opportunity and can change our perspective on the world. For the Recessionists it has created the opportunity for new collaborations – the sharing of skills, knowledge and workspaces. Individually we are constrained in one way or another but collectively we can be so much more.

Ostensibly this collective comprises a group of artists united in a common cause – to continue to offer high quality art at competitive prices offering the ability to undertake commissions to meet a specific design brief. With access to such a wide range of talent the Recessionists team can take on larger projects to develop concepts and this approach may be of particularly interest to corporate clients.

We present here a range of styles and mediums to inspire and encourage you. Thank you for taking the time to browse through our catalogue. Whether you are interested in a specific piece or would like to develop an idea please contact us to discuss your desires and requirements so that we can make your vision a reality.

Annie Phillips
The Recessionists

For all enquiries, please contact:-
07826 525988