Rumwell Park - 5-7th December 2009

The Recessionists Invite Middle Eastern Artists for Group Exhibition

While the current economic crisis hardly denies food on the table to a Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Ai Weiwei or to a Mona Hatoum, the impact of the global recession on artists practicing on the geographical peripheries of the national and international art scenes has been devastating. Economic deprivation reinforces isolation, limits exposure and the flexibility to view new works in the flesh while, at the same time, the internet has engendered myriads of virtual conversations between artists globally. To bridge this dialectic between the virtual and the actual, between the local and the international the Recessionists have invited 12 internationally acclaimed artists from the Middle East and North Africa to participate in their fifth and largest ever sales exhibition to be held at Rumwell Park Manor from the 5th to the 7th of December. The artists, who hail from Algeria, Croatia, Iraq, Iran, Morocco, Palestine and Syria, will present their creative products in discourse with those of the Recessionists in a show of solidarity beyond political or religious affiliations. All have adapted their prices to the new economic and local realities. For collectors, this will be a unique opportunity to view and acquire works by leading international artists and the best that West Somerset has to offer in one location.

Visit the Rumwell Park website for venue information.

This website contains a selection of the artists work should you wish to purchase or commission. Due to limited space at the venue, only a selection of these works will be on display.